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    Qatar Foundation for Social Work aims to provide family safety, follow policies and methods that achieve family and community cohesion taking into considerations that family is the nucleus of society. It further communicates with decision-makers to participate in propounding legislations that fence family cohesion. It also provides support, rehabilitation, social, psychological, educational and legal counselling services to ensure family cohesion.

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    The Foundation provides all necessary services for orphans first for being a child and second as vulnerable orphan. Therefore, he shall receive psychological, social and educational services, and be provided with stability in alternative foster families and integration into society.

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    Domestic violence is an endemic and lurking threat that has negative impact on the health and stability of the family. The Foundation plays a dual role to reduce domestic violence through rehabilitation and awareness programs on one hand, and calls for more flexible, deeper and balanced laws to deal with it. The Foundation also continues to advocate for women's fundamental rights and calls for a more receptive environment of their equal role with men in our contemporary social life. Besides, this activates Qatar’s commitment to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and proposes new laws that protect women and give them their rightful place because women are the makers of future generations.

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    Young people are the torchbearers of the Sustainable Human and Social Development Plan, which runs through 2030. Qatar Foundation for Social Work is committed to youth empowerment approach, expanding their options, building capacities, and life skills, participation in and integration into sustainable human development processes. Additionally, it provides real services to develop expertise and skills and launching pilot projects to optimize their potentials.

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    Based on the Doha Declaration, which emphasizes the combination of human rights and development, a practical approach linking the SDGs to the UN Convention on disabled, with an emphasis on the right of equity with society members to ensure that development is fully realized. This can be realized through supporting legislation and laws of a barrier-free environment in which buildings, facilities, etc. are adapted to these groups, with community campaigns to introduce the concept of inclusive integration.

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    Qatar Foundation for Social Work seeks to care for, empower and integrate senior people into society because they are the most experienced, the wisest and the living memory of society. It strives to consolidate legislative efforts that support work age, retirement and providing jobs for the elderly. In addition, the environment around the elderly should adapted to a normal and autonomous life, based on the concept of inclusive community integration.