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About Enterprise

Qatar Social Work Foundation is a foundation which is concerned with social work in Qatar 

The Foundation operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Development & Family, and the Ministry has control and supervision over the Foundation and its centers. 

The Foundation is concerned with social and human development and the service of the Qatari community through its specialized centers in the areas of supporting family stability, care for orphans, protection of children and women, youth empowerment, care and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, care for the elderly, and support for those with behavioral disorders.

Qatar Social Work Foundation is affiliated with eight centers which are: Social Development Center "Nama", Shafallah Center for Children with Special Needs, Wifaq Family Consulting Center, Orphans Care Center (Dreama), Centre for Elderly Empowerment and Care (Ehsan), Protection and Social Rehabilitation Center "Aman", Al Noor Center for The Blind and The Behavioral Healthcare Center (BHC) (Daam). 

The Foundation works on the development and excellence in providing the best services, empowering its members and integrating them into society, and enhancing its role in monitoring social issues, which enabled it to be a supporter and advocate for the social sector in Qatar by activating foundational partnerships, and creating a strong new foundational culture capable of confronting and managing crises efficiently and effectively.