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Our Services

Supporting family stability

The Foundation aims to provide family safety, and is keen to follow policies and methods that will achieve family and community cohesion and cohesion, considering the family the nucleus of society. The Foundation communicates with decision makers to participate in proposing legislation that will preserve family cohesion on the one hand, and also provides support, rehabilitation and social counseling services. The psychological, educational and legal aspects that ensure family cohesion.


Orphan care

The Foundation provides all the necessary services for the orphan as a child first, and as an orphan second, as he receives all psychological, social and educational care services. The Foundation also provides the stability of orphans in alternative foster families and their integration into society.


Protection of Children and Women

Domestic violence is a hidden, non-public threat to the stability of society due to its negative impact on the health and stability of the family. The Foundation plays a dual role in reducing domestic violence through awareness and rehabilitation programs on the one hand, and calling for the enactment of more flexible, in-depth and balanced laws in dealing with domestic violence, as it continues. The Foundation defends women's basic rights and calls for an environment that is more accepting of their equal role in importance with men in our contemporary social life, activating the state's commitment to the Treaty on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and proposing legislative tools that protect women and give them their true status as creators of future generations.


Empowering youth

Youth are the bearers of the torchlight of the sustainable human and social development plan extending until the year 2030. The Foundation is committed to activating the approach of empowering youth, expanding their options and building their capabilities, providing them with life skills, and participating and integrating them into sustainable human development processes by providing real services in developing expertise and skills and starting entrepreneurial projects for the purpose of exploitation. Optimized for their energies and capabilities.


Care and rehabilitation of people with disabilities

Based on the Doha Declaration, which emphasizes combining the human rights and development aspects to develop a practical approach linking the goals of sustainable development and the United Nations Convention for Persons with Disabilities, while emphasizing the right of people with disabilities to be equal to the rest of society and ensuring the consolidation of their right to development in a way that achieves full justice. By supporting legislation and laws towards an environment free of barriers, where buildings, facilities, etc. are modified to become suitable for these groups, while carrying out community campaigns that introduce the concept of comprehensive integration.

Elderly care

The Foundation seeks to care for and empower the elderly and integrate them into society, as they are the living memory of society and people of experience and wisdom. Dealing with the elderly is done as an opportunity that must be exploited optimally, supporting supportive legislation related to the working age and retirement age, providing job opportunities and locations for activities of the elderly, in addition to adapting the environment around The elderly to live a normal and independent life, based on the concept of comprehensive societal integration.