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The Qatar Foundation for Social Work in cooperation with the Regional Network for Social Responsibility organizes a workshop to celebrate World Social Responsibility Day.

المؤسسة القطرية للعمل الاجتماعي بالتعاون مع الشبكة الإقليمية للمسؤولية المجتمعية تنظم ورشة عمل دولية بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للمسؤولية المجتمعية

Doha - Qatar Social Work

The Qatar Foundation for Social Work has cooperated with the Regional Network for Social Responsibility to organize the workshop, “Modern global trends in the field of social responsibility and their applications in the social sector,” presented by Dr. Ali Abdullah Al-Ibrahim, Vice President of the CSR, a well-known international expert in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development, coinciding with the International Day of Social Responsibility, that falls on September 25 of each year.

Around 50 employees joined the workshop including employees from QSW and its affiliated centers to a number of their partners and supporters’ employees.

The program focuses on studies around the field of social responsibility, starting from its’ historical development up to the era of modern professional specifications. As well as a variety of global practices of social responsibility along with tools and ways for implementing social responsibility in the social sector. All participants were granted certificates in appreciation of their efforts and active participation during the workshop emphasizing the great role social responsibility plays in achieving a sustainable development.

Noor Al-Muhanadi, Director of the Public Relations and Communications Department at QSW said, “for us, such workshops hold a very important topic, as they address the concept of social responsibility and achieving sustainable development, which are also in line with Qatar Vision 2030. These topics are the heart of our field in social work… [as] the Qatar Foundation for Social Work is committed to supporting and encouraging socially responsible work, and this workshop provides vivid examples of how to apply these concepts in daily work and public life.”

Dr. Al-Ibrahim said, “I extend my gratitude to the Qatar Foundation for Social Work for this opportunity that allowed us to communicate directly with those in charge of social affairs in the country, to motivate them to adopt responsible practices that have a sustainable impact in the field of social work. Social responsibility has developed its applications globally and begun to be sponsored by countries around the world and their institutions. It is an opportunity to employ these principles to enhance practices with an ethical dimension in our social institutions.”

The workshop participants expressed the benefits they gained during the workshop, as one employee said, “it was a useful and enjoyable experience. We learned a lot about the importance of social responsibility and how we can apply it in our daily work. In addition, the workshop gave us many tools and ideas which can be used to make a positive impact in the communities we work in.”